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Some Points:

  • NO CONTRACT: (Many pest control companies stick you with a contract and as soon as your unhappy they charge you a cancellation fee. Why would I bind a customer to a contract when I am not selling merchandise that you need to pay off. Contracts on pest control services to me look like just another poor business practice.
  • 30-45 MINUTE MINIMUM STOPS: (Many pest control service companies rush their technicians to get anywhere upwards to 22 stops done in an 8–10-hour day. I've heard from customers that say their previous pest control service company technician would be done and gone in 10 minutes tops. That's unacceptable here at Specialized Pest Control. We treat entire property like it was our own. We take our time and make sure we address your concerns. We believe that the customers voice is important in a pest control situation because you can tell us what you're seeing and where the pest activity is. It is impossible to deliver a quality pest control service without communicating with the customer first.
  • THOROUGH SERVICE: (Many pest control service companies, as I said before, don't give their technicians enough time to give a thorough service. Finding pest harborage areas and treating them, treating around windows and door frames, treating eaves, treating into block walls, treating irrigation boxes etc, are all very important for an effective treatment on a pest control service.
  • CONFIRMING APPOINTMENTS (I have heard many horror stories about pest control technicians showing up to unconfirmed appointments. The Pest Control Company would just schedule whenever its convenient to them and just show up to service. Often times gates would be locked or dog in yard. The pest control technician would then just spray the yard then bill anyways. Here at Specialized Pest Control, we track our technicians time through gps and we don't show up unconfirmed unless noted otherwise. You will always get a reminder of your appointment. If we can't reach you, we will skip service frequency until we hear back from you to schedule your services. On a rare occasion we have keys to some homes or customer just wants us to show regardless. This would be in the customers notes. We give a 1 week reminder to confirm and a day prior reminder to service our customers homes. You will never not know we are coming or when we are there.
  • HONEST FAIR PRICING: (I have seen pest control companies charge thousands of dollars for jobs with an overhead expense of under $200. Just because we can charge tons of money doesn't make it the right thing to do. We know it's a hard time for many families to afford to live in America today. We take it to heart when our customers mention their struggles. In fact, sometimes we let a service slide at no charge just because of unexpected emergency expenses a customer ended up with. I had a customer have their first Baby and I gave one regular general pest spray at no charge. It depends on the degree of the situation. It is a Blessing when we can be a Blessing to others. We carry our own struggles just like everyone else. While I can't offer a free pest control service to everyone and too often, I do what I can where it is needed most. I saw one pest control company charge a customer $1800 for a Bed Bug Treatment at their customers home and gave only a 6-month guarantee. They did 2 follow up pest control services included. The cost of chemicals on that pest control service with the best products is roughly under $200. When they found bed bugs again at month 8 the same pest control company said they would owe $1800 again. We warrantee Bed Bugs for a year and the biggest home I've charged $750. The lowest I've charged on Bed Bugs is $450. Thats just 1 example of many. I could write forever on this topic.