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There are a lot of false beliefs about bed bugs. Some people believe these little vampires live only in dirty hotels or run down apartments, but the truth is they are found all around the world in all types of living conditions. Bed bugs are good at hiding, so an infestation can be difficult to see right away when they first start. When Bed Bugs hatch they are as small as a pin point and rarely seen at first glance. Some information about bed bugs goes against what people commonly believe. Bed Bugs can infest even the cleanest of living situations. Just because you have bed bugs, does not mean your a filthy person.


To treat for Bed Bugs you have to treat in all crevices inside furniture, couches, box springs, bed frames, behind picture frames, carpeted areas, under throw rugs, curtains and curtain rods, desks, book shelves, dressers, night stands etc. Basically preparing a home for a bed bug treatment is equivalent to as bad as moving. Every room needs to be treated if you have Bed Bugs. All clothing and belongings that you don’t want pesticides on have to be bagged up in black trash bags. If you live in a hot summer state like Arizona where temps go up to 120 degrees then your in luck. Throw those bags of belongings in the garage in summer and all your bed bugs in them will be dead within 48 hours. This however does not mean that your house should go untreated. I don’t recommend trying to self treat for bed bugs. Dry your bedding and clothing first before washing to kill any bed bug stragglers on them, then wash after drying. The wash does not kill bed bugs. Partial treatments do not have a high success rate because newly hatched bed bug nymphs can move room to room without detection easily. Do not think treating ground zero only will protect your entire house from bed bugs. Treatment usually involves 3 two week follow up treatments due to newly hatched bed bugs. It takes a very thorough treatment with semi non repellant pesticides to get rid of bed bugs. Non repellant means that bed bugs can’t detect the pesticide application when dry. That being said bed bugs freely walk over the pesticide application without knowing they are being poisoned. We also use growth regulator in pesticides often for ectoparasites like Bed Bugs. Growth Regulator pesticide additives prevent Bed Bugs from shedding their exoskeleton which they do in order to mature to their adult stage of development. Bed bugs have 5 molting stages before they fully mature and lay eggs. By stopping their stage of development to maturity we basically cancel out their power of reproduction.

Many companies do Heat treatments. We still recommend a growth regulator application alongside a heat treatment due to possible reinfestation. We don’t do heat treatments because we strongly believe that pesticides mixed with growth regulator application is still the most effective treatment and best reinfestation preventative. I’ve seen where a home would spend thousands on a heat treatment only to get Bed Bugs again. There is no doubt that heat does kill bed bugs. It will kill every bed bug in your home. Problem is that you don’t know where the bed bugs came from. Unless you know exactly how you came to get bed bugs in your home, we at Specialized Pest Control won’t recommend a heat treatment. We can’t guarantee that no reinfestation will happen with a heat treatment.

We offer a guarantee for 5 year from last follow up on all our completed bed bug treatments. Many companies only offer a 45-90 day guarantee on bed bugs. We don’t leave our customers in the dark trying to fork out more money for a treatment they already paid for. Also we charge $650-$750 for our Bed Bug Services. Anything larger or commercial properties are quoted on site. We do not charge extra for the follow ups. Many companies charge upwards to $1800 for bed bug treatments. We use the top rated application pesticides in our industry and the most effective. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on Bed Bugs, chances are you are being ripped off… Honesty and Integrity with proven results is highly important to the success of Specialized Pest Control with our customers.

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